Aaron Keydar: riddles in the form of sculpture


It was the fourth day of the Six Day War (5-10 June 1967) in Jerusalem and the Israeli soldier Keydar Aaron saw nothing black and red scarves. There were no Jordanians in meters separating the group of the Kotel (Wailing Wall). The road was easy, but could not advance without first evacuating a wounded Keydar of Kita. Suddenly, the Israeli side resounded an engine. Salvation appeared, approached the jeep would be a rapid transport for the wounded. But the commanding officer, a rabbi, he refused to go to the hospital. He had another mission: to reach the Kotel and make a Jewish prayer for the first time since 1948. Aaron could still hear the historic Keydar jeep away as he watched his friend’s blood. Another religious life was marked Keydar. The father, an emigre who came to Libya rabbi, subjected to a rigid education to a child, aged twelve, lost her mother. Keydar Aaron, the youngest of eight children, fleeing the oppression of the wandering father Tel Aviv. It was a street kid prank and mischief, came the call from the police to the family Keydar. Nothing irreparable, theft of fruit, but enough so that one of his brothers grasped that the future of the small Aaron did not go through the rabbi’s religious training.